Event Outline

Event Name Tour de Tohoku 2017
Organizers Kahoku Shimpo Publishing Co. and Yahoo Japan Corporation

September 16(Sat)& 17(Sun), 2017

September 16:

  • Group Ride Event
    • Challenge Group Ride, Oshika Peninsula
    • Oku-Matsushima Group Ride & Hiking
  • Previous-day registration for Fun Ride event
  • Event held at Ishinomaki Senshu University

September 17:

  • Fun Ride event
    • Kesennuma Course
    • Minami-Sanriku Course
    • Kitakami Course
    • Onagawa-Ogatsu Course
    • Kesennuma One Way Course
  • Event held at Ishinomaki Senshu University

Ishinomaki Senshu University (Start and Goal)

Kesennuma Plaza Hotel (Start for Kesennuma OneWay Course)

Max No. of Participants 4,000 participants in total for 2 days
Course All courses are designed for participants to fully embrace Sanriku’s magnificent nature with beautiful sceneries along the coastline while witnessing the current situation of the disaster affected areas.

Course Overview

Challenge Group Ride, Oshika Peninsula (100km)

A group ride held on the day prior to the actual event. Course profile: Extremely hilly, relatively close to the mountain range. Considering the characteristics of the course, riders must: have experience in long rides of approximately 100 km and have completed the ride within 6-7 hours; or have a long-ride experience similar to the said ride. Riders can select both Group Ride and the Regular Course Ride.

Route Ishinomaki Senshu University – Onagawa – Oshika Noren Street – Oginohama Junior High School – Ishinomaki Senshu University

Oku-Matsushima Group Ride & Hiking (70km)

A new group ride that goes through a scenic course in Oku Matsushima area with a guide rider.

In the rest point, participants will get off the bikes and enjoy hiking in Ootakamori – a hill regarded as one of the four viewing spots of Matsushima.

From the observatory located 105m above sea level, the riders can enjoy a panoramic view of the 260+ islands in Matsushima Gulf.

The new course that has a touristic aspect also stops at the former Nobiru Station which has been designated as earthquake ruins where riders will visit the Earthquake Memorial Museum.

We recommend riders to either wear or bring along sneakers because this course is relatively flat and also has a hiking element. You can participate with your cycling shoes, but please note that you cannot go hiking in Ootakamori with your cycling shoes.

From this year, participating in different rides on both Saturday and Sunday is allowed

Route Ishinomaki Senshu University – Oomagari Community Center – Tsukihama Beach – Ootakamori – Nobiru Station - Oku Matsushima Community Center - Ishinomaki Senshu University

Kesennuma Course (210km)

The longest course of this event with cumulative ascent of 2,307m. For riders who completed the Tour de Tohoku 2013 Grand Course, 2014 Kesennuma Course or similar long rides.

Route Ishinomaki Senshu University – Onagawa – Ogatsu – Kitakami – Minamisanriku – Kesennuma – Minamisanriku – Kitakami – Ishinomaki Senshu University

Minamisanriku Course (170km)

Travels through Minamisanriku town with the halfway point located in Motoyoshi-cho, Kesennuma City. Cumulative ascent of 1,904m. Intended for strong riders.

Route Ishinomaki Senshu University – Onagawa – Ogatsu – Kitakami – Minamisanriku – Motoyoshi – Minamisanriku – Kitakami – Ishinomaki Senshu University

Kitakami Course (100km)

A long challenging course that travels along the hilly ria coastline, with the halfway point located at the scenic Kamiwarizaki.

Route Ishinomaki Senshu University – Onagawa – Ogatsu – Kitakami – Kamiwarizaki – Kitakami – Ishinomaki Senshu University

Onagawa-Ogatsu Course (65km)

Shortest course cutting through mountains and along the beautiful Onagawa and Ogatsu bays.

Route Ishinomaki Senshu University – Onagawa – Ogatsu – Kitakami – Ishinomaki Senshu University

Kesennuma One Way Course (100km)

One way course starting in Kesennuma. Travels southwards across Minamisanriku town, past Kamiwarizaki, along Kitakami River and heads towards Ishinomaki Senshu University.

Route Kesennuma – Mianamisanriku – Kitakami – Ishinomaki Senshu University


We all have different aspirations
For cycling in Tohoku,

Keeping the memory of the Earthquake alive,
In hope that through the race, Tohoku would thrive,
A road may be built, for future generations to drive.

The road to recovery we will embrace,
Local delicacies we will taste.

It may be a fight with our inner selves
Or just a fun time we share ourselves.

But in this place we will gather
Possibilities we’ll grasp together.

To future we shall pedal
And that will be our medal.

Tour de Tohoku